Sunday, March 08, 2015

Photography + ARI Remix Project + Writing + Paul William Andrew Artist

Thanks dear INTERVIEWS readers for following my blog over the past nine years I am truly grateful for your attention. 

This year I am currently working on my photomedia art - and slowly building my artist website.

I am also working on my autobiographical flash writing...

- and -

I am currently researching "The Queensland Remix- Queensland Artist-Run Culture 1980-1990- A public archive transmedia project. A selection of interviews from this project will be posted here for your reference.

You can read a few examples of my flash writing here:

You can see some samples of my art since 1984 here:

And if you are interested in Artist-Run Culture you can follow this public archive as we grow and build it. This project is funded by the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland. You can visit the principle web site and its links to artists independent web sites here. This project is in development now from April 2015 - April 2018.

There is a blog about the behind the scenes work for the remix Project beginning in April 2015 here:

And if you were an active member and/or peer of the lively Queensland/Brisbane/Australia 1980-1990 Queensland Artist-run space scene and would like join in the research and shared archival journey please visit and join the Remix Collective here at our social media open group study research and reconnect pages, it is this social media group that has in turn produced a remix cohort since the group began in November 2012:

Have a great year. Thanks again for your attention :)


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