Saturday, November 30, 2013

World AIDS Day 2013- Brenton Heath-Kerr- Same Sex ELDERS Tribute - INTERVIEWS

This documentary portrays the life and death of performance artist and AIDS activist, Brenton Heath-Kerr. Through his repertoire of performances, costumes and photographs, Heath-Kerr challenged perceptions, dominant sterotypes and myths which he thought underpinned the gay communities and notions of gay identity. An emigre of drag and a gender misfit, Heath-Kerr understood that often holding a mask up to society had more political impact than holding up a mirror.

Paul Andrew 1998

See this link for a low res version documentary about the art, life and death of Australian Performance Artist and HIV AIDS activist Brenton Heath- Kerr. Writer/Dir. Paul Andrew, Prod: Kath Shelper. A Scarlett Pictures Film. NSWFTO 1998. Copyright 1998 All Rights Reserved in All Media Paul Andrew

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